Drink Local Think Global
Brent Patterson

Small Town Southern Missouri boy who is forever thankful for Jesus choice to love us, Loves my Family, Being on the Lake, Country Music, & Roof Tops in the city!  Favorite Book: Scary Close by Donald Miller Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans (The Notebook being a close 2nd) Favorite Show: How I Met Your Mother(If you have never watched HIMYM please stop reading this and turn on Netflix at this current moment.)

Why Water: My entire life I unfortunately did not have a heart to take action for those living in what is considered a developing country, until at 25 I heard 2,200 children under the age of 5 die every single day due to diseases caused by unclean water.  We need no cure for clean water, no need to spend millions/billions in research, the solution is right below there feet, they just need resources.  

Clean Water not only changes lives, it provides opportunity! Not only does every person deserve clean water, every person deserves opportunities.  Our prayer is Drink Local Think Global can eventually provide millions of people access to clean water!